Hi Parents and Friends,

As part of our “Value Investing Outreach 2014” (22th – 29th Jun) Campaign to reach out to people who may not have the resources to learn how to invest, we are looking for a particular group of teenagers where we will train them for ABSOLUTELY FREE for a social cause with an intention of making a difference in their lives.


1)      Special Designed Trophies for the Top 3 Winners (Priceless!)

2)      Scholarships for the Top 3 Winners (1st: $488, 2nd: $288, 3rd: $188)

3)      2 Tickets for the Top 3 Winners to be at Asian Value Investing Fest 2014 to watch Mary Buffett “Live” worth $200.

4)      Training worth $2,500 if you qualify for all qualified participants

5)      Certificates for all participants (Priceless!)

6)      An autographed book and Value Investing DVD for all participants worth $80.


(II) What will your Teenager Go Through?

1)      After our selection process (steps shown below) and if your teenager is selected, we will train your child for Half full day (17th Jun 2014; 1pm – 5pm; Tue). We will provide the food and drinks. NO accompanied adults allowed during the training UNLESS you are one of our Value Investing Programme Graduate. So your teenager must be independent.

2)      After the training, there will be a Trial Competition where your teenager will execute an investing trade in a weekday evening (18th Jun 2014; 7:00pm – 10:00pm; Wed) using a brokerage virtual account (we will share how you can get this). Your teenager must bring his/her own laptop/iPad for this competition.

3)      After the Trial Competition, there will be an Actual Competition called the “Young Value Investor Competition 2014” in another weekday evening (27th June 2014; 6:00pm – 10:30pm; Fri). Prizes are stated above in Section (I).

NOTE: During the training and competition, there may be media coverage. You teenager must be willing to be interviewed by the media if need be though NOT mandatory. In addition, your teenager must be available for ALL the above training & trial competition to qualify for the Actual Competition.


(III) How can your Teenager Join?

We ONLY take a few people into our programme and we called it “Young Value Investors”. We have broken down into steps on how your teenager can be part of this.

1) STEP 1 – Does Your Teenager Meet these Criteria

The criteria are as follows:

(i) Age: 13 – 15 only (Birthdate will between 1/1/1999 – 31/12/2001)

(ii) Singaporean or PR

(iii) Academic Results: A PASS for all subjects (Based on your most recent final year results).

(iv) Attitude matters to us MOST – Positive, Hardworking, Willing to Learn, Humble. We reserve ALL rights not to allow your child to continue with our offer if we find your child’s behaviour is inappropriate.


2) STEP 2 – Submit Application Form

Click on the “Download Button” below to download application form and email to latest by 13th Jun (12noon).

We must receive the soft copy of the signed application form together with the following soft copies by 13th Jun 2014:

(a)    IC/BirthCert/Passport

(b)   Report Card/Report Book or any other document to show that your teenager has a PASS for all subjects

NOTE: We reserved the right to reject any application


3) STEP 3 – Refundable Deposit

As we are doing this for a social cause and we want to prevent anyone who take advantage of our help, you will need to EBank S$300 to our DBS Current Account 066-901359-0 as a deposit by 13th Jun 2014 (Fri; 12noon). We will refund you this $300 (in cheque) on 27th Jun (Fri) itself.


You will be informed of the outcome of the application and training will commence.

Do email to if you have any queries.


Cayden Chang

Director, Founder of Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd

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