Value Investing and Options? What does Warren Buffett say?

Does the World’s Greatest Investor, Warren Buffett uses options as a way to invest?

Isn’t options risky? Warren Buffett doesn’t take risk – his rule number one is “Never Lose Money”.

I heard many arguments around this, so lets find out the facts.

Through my research, there had several occasions where Warren Buffett uses options. Interestingly, he does not trade options the typical way. Most people typically use options as a way to leverage on their investments.

But Warren Buffett does it differently…

He SELLS options. Or the more technically correct term is that he Writes Options. I pulled out one of his Letters to his Shareholders and i highlighted statements which he mention about how he uses options to get premium for his investors.

See below:


As Value Investors, we can use Options to get premium and create passive income.

But it is very important to know what you are doing, because it used wrongly, options will work against you. AND if you use it correctly, you will open a stream of income flowing into your life.

In my free workshop, i share about how we use the Buffett way of selling options and how anyone can do it too. It is important to learn the proper way of doing it and you can start by attending the free workshop.

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