The Power of Fundamentals!

I love to play sports.  Since secondary school, i represented my school for Badminton and i love it. When i first joined the team in Secondary 1, our coach spent the first 3 months teaching us the basic stances. The rest of the year was spent learning and polishing just 1 technique – lobbing. In badminton, lobbing means hitting the shuttle cock from our side of the court to the opponents back end of the court. So for 1 whole year, we lobbed and lobbed and lobbed.

After 1 year, we were sent for competition. As my doubles partner and I approached the court, we were strike with fear. We doubted out skills, after all, all we know is how to lob. And when the umpire called for the opponent to serve the shuttle cock, we did the only thing we were trained to do – lob! Interestingly, our opponents seem to have difficulty returning our lobs, they will either not be able to react in time or they will return a weak shot for us to finish them off.  Seeing this sight, we gained confidence and continued to lob. And with this single technique, we lobbed our way to the zone’s finals.

I still remember one match when we were about to play the match, the opponent’s coach shouted, “Beware of their lobbing, it is the only thing they could do!” When we heard this, we were scared stiff as we knew the coach was right. But when we started playing, we didn;t know what else to do, except to lob… and we won.

Fundamentals are so important in sports and when we achieve mastery in the fundamentals, we can achieve success in all situations, even when our opponents know we are going to use that technique.

In stock investing, it is the same. when our fundamentals are strong, i.e. we know What to Buy, When to Buy, When to Sell and we master these fundamentals so well, it really doesn’t matter whether the market goes up, down or sideways, because we don’t REACT to the market, we stick to what we do best.

Just like Buffett missed the dotcom bubble. He chose to stick to his fundamentals and that is why he is a Billionaire.

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