The No.1 Secret to Value Investing is…

Dear Friends,

I hope you are mentally prepared to receive the No.1 secret to Value Investing.



If you have watched Kung Fu Panda movie, there is this secret scroll, but the cool news is that the Secret is that…. there is No Secret. And please don’t quote me on this, you can choose to quote someone who is so established, Legendary investor Seth Klarman.

Seth Klarman says, ”

The real secret to investing is that there is no secret to investing. Every important aspect of value investing has been made available to the public many times over, beginning with the first edition of Security Analysis.

That so many people fail to follow this timeless and almost foolproof approach enables those who adopt it to remain successful.

The foibles of human nature that result in the mass pursuit of instant wealth and effortless gain seem certain to be with us forever. So long as people succumb to this aspect of their natures, value investing will remain, as it has been for 75 years, a sound and low-risk approach to successful long-term investing.”

So in fact, if there is a secret scroll, it will be in Security Analysis.



And now in the information age, there are more and more sites and books sharing this secret from different perspective, using different examples.

So what am I saying? I am really speaking to a group of people, who perhaps like myself in the past, are looking for a secret or magic formula and checklist so that our investments are sure win. This is also commonly known as the “Holy Grail”.

But the good news is that the secret is everywhere now. So it is to put what you read and learn into practice and start accumulating investment experiences!

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Mind Kinesis Research Team

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