Planning for Success

Planning for success starts with us, the individual, and every successful person plans – and so can you! Start small and the immediate results will enthuse you to plan more. Soon, planning will become a habit.

Confucius 1

Start with the easily reversible plans – that’s starting small.

You make decisions every day, these eat up your time and soon fatigue sets in. Beyond a threshold, subsequent decisions become sub-optimal and your performance deteriorates.

Conserve your mental resources by automating decisions.

Plan the recurring decisions, such as what to wear, what to eat and so forth. Do you know what you plan to eat for breakfast every morning next week? What you plan to wear every day of next week – what accoutrements you plan to mix and match? If you were like me before I started planning, halfway into dressing in the morning, you realise something does not match and you’ve to start again. Time pressure! Unnecessary stress!

You don’t have to “make time” for planning.

While waiting for someone to appear/some event to commence, maximise your time and fill up your calendar.

Very soon you’ll be planning everything – meals at home, the children’s routine and even your free time.

Once you’re into the habit, it will be an easy step-up to plan your career and business for success.

Humans are creatures of habit – shadow the successful – cultivate the planning habit.


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