Personal Note: When The Hype BITES


Today I would like to share my experience regarding “Hyped Up” advertisements! Fortunately or not, I do not yet have the ability to display my feelings through my writing, otherwise, you will be able to feel my anger, frustration, compassion and disappointment.

For those who have read my book, “Winning the Money Game”, you would have read on the part where I started venturing into the stock market after one of my friend, Suffian, showed 6 of us that it is possible to make money from stocks. After our talk with Suffian, I began searching.

To my excitement, I found many courses that promised me that I can get rich quick, quit my job, be a full time trader etc etc…

I paid about $5,000 (I think), joined the course and became confident. I traded some money and won. My confidence grew, so the next step i did was to be a nice kind person and asked 2 of my good friends if they want to make money as well. They said yes, so i took their money and graciously lost about 50% for them. I never forget the feeling.

But i didn’t give up. I attended more courses and lost more money. The funny thing during the time i was trading was this – I identified myself as a Trader. I began to feel good about trading. I read books, attended courses, traded every night. I honestly want to find the “magic” system, strategy… whatever.

Years later, I have arrived at a stage where I began to understand the stock market much better so much so that I can make consistent profits… interestingly, not using any of the techniques taught by me from the courses I attended, but through some guidance from some personal mentors, some books and some practice.

Looking back, I do not think it is fair to say that those course I have attended are fraud, scam etc etc. These course do teach the participants certain amount of skills and I think for beginners, if you need guidance in Trading, it is probably a good idea to get someone to help you get started.

BUT! What ANGERS me is the HYPE in all the marketing!

“I made 700% in my first trade”; “After attending the course, I made my first 3 trades and  make $75,000!”

HYPEsss! I hate to wake you up from your dreams…. In fact those of you who attended such courses probably already woke up!

I recently brought my 2 boys to a drum class. And without a single bit of biasness, they are excellent, had so much potential and talent… just like their dad. But even then, i am clear headed enough to know that they need more than a few drum sessions to make them professional. Being a Professional Trader is the same, it takes years…

I met a nice gentlemen at Philips Capital who used to be a Professional Institutional Trader. He traded millions, made and lost billions and he say that when he saw those claims from trading courses, he is wondering “why MAS is not doing anything to clamp these guys down.” (His exact words). He knew that it is not possible for anyone to make money consistently as claimed by these advertisements.


But even with this post, with all the newspapers journalist warning people, there will still be many people who “see and hear what they want to see and hear” – that is, How to Get rich Quick over night and how to be able to sack their boss 3 months from now….

If you want a real solid plan on your financial destiny, if you want to really learn how to invest- not get rich quick… then I am here to help you. Because I have been through the pain, I understand the feeling and frustration. I see many of my initial trading coursemates had a worse life because of the course we attended.

It is my appeal to you: To be a wise, Intelligent Investor, not a greedy blind mouse. Take a moment to pause and observe your feelings and be honest to yourself… Are you willing to take effort to learn and take time to… W.A.I.T. (Btw, W.A.I.T does not stand for anything, it just means wait, but I want to create the pause effect after each alphabet, just to make you wait…).

Ok, after all this, I do have good news. If you are able to just take time to learn, you can in fact “get rich quick”… in 2 to 5 years! And let me tell you a secret, 2 to 5 years is QUICK!

But that also depends on your starting capital, your needs and your effort. So you can either B – Buy Assets, and if you are starting out with huge cash, with the proper knowledge, you can buy so much cashflow into your life. I know a couple of people who started out with huge savings. After learning how to Invest properly (not trade… mind you), they become much richer, much faster.

I really do wish to share with you, but only if you are willing to be rationale, to learn and to use what you learn. Do join us at our free workshop where i share how to really avoid the hypes and how to have a real plan for a real future.

Click HERE to book a Free Investing Workshop.

To your dreams,

In the meantime, Don’t Let the HYPE Bite You!

Mind Kinesis Research Team

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