Investment in Stocks

Investment in Stocks

We all need to invest and I love to invest in various investments. Some of the investment vehicles could be:

1)     Stock

2)     Bonds

3)     Mutual Funds

4)     Real Estate

5)     Land Banking

6)     Precious Metals

7)     Collectibles

8)     Small Businesses


Of all these, I love the stock market for these reasons:

1)     Small Capital Outlay

You need not have huge capital to start stock investments. I am comparing this to investments such as real estate, land banking, precious metals, collectibles and small businesses. You can start with a few hundred and compound them to millions, literally.

2)     Liquidity

If you need cash, you can withdraw it from your brokerage account easily within days. This differs from most other investments where it may take months. Etc Real estate.

3)     High Returns

Stock investments have historically given the highest return compared to the rest of the investments.

4)     Passive Income

Ah ha… my favourite topic. Besides dividends, I found ways to generate passive income! I will share more on this.


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