I am committed to be Rich, but don’t expect me to do anything…

I would like to share with you 2 stories.

Story 1: In 2008, due to the lack of exercise and overeating, i began to gain some weight. I decided to go on a regime and within 7 weeks, I loss weight and gain the body i am satified with.


My friend (lets call him Hanson), asked me how he too can achieve the same results. I quickly sat down with him and pull out a sheet of paper to give him my winning formula. I wrote down and explained the exercise he should start on as well as the kind of diet he should take. And while i was sharing with him this success formula, he would make remarks like, “I do not like to go to the gym, it is so ‘gay'”, or “I do not like to eat that kind of food.”


Finally, I asked Hanson, “So what exercise do you like to do and what kind of veggies do you like to eat?”

Hanson answered, “I like to play Wii Sport and eat French Fried…”

Make a guess if Hanson managed to slim down?

Story 2:

In my Value Investing Talks, the first key thing I share with my participants is that we must look at stocks as businesses. Thus, the winning formula is to buy businesses that can continue to make profits and buy them when they are cheap. This by the way, is the method used by Warren Buffett and many other Value investors that made them very rich. I also teach a method which I named as “Value Investing Options Strategy” (VIOs). This method is a simple method in which I SELL (or Write) Options and collect premium based on the stocks which I had done my research on and deem it as a business which i want to buy and hold.

After I shared with the class, there will always be someone who will ask me, “What if i get stuck with the stock? How can i avoid such a scenario?”

I will then emphasized that we want to buy and own the stock anyway, because once we purchase the stock, we become owners of a good stock. And i will also emphasize that Value Investors such as Warren Buffett himself does that.

They will continue to probe, “What if the stock price falls and the stock i am holding is worth much lesser? I don’t want to be in that position.”

Even with several attempts to quote them on what Famous Investors say about the need to NOT be Bothered about Market Fluctuations, they would still persist on their own way.


Many people want to get different results from what they are already getting but they do not want to change the way they think and they way they behave.

“Insanity is trying to do the same thing but expect a different results”

I am going to give you one more bonus story.

There was a man who was tracking along the mountain when he slipped and fell off the cliff. In the final second, he managed to grab and hang onto a rock. As he was hanging onto the cliff, he yelled, “Somebody! Save me!”

He was astonished when he heard a voice boomed. “My son, this is God and I am here for you. I will save you and ALL you have to do is to LET GO!”

The man paused for a second and yelled, “Is there anyone else up there?”

What is the moral of the story? It is the same. We know the formula for keeping fit, getting rich and getting rescued, but most of the time, we prefer to HOLD ON to our old ways and do it our way. All because we are not comfortable doing it any other way. I got to admit, if you ask me to LET GO while i am hanging on the cliff, i may not be able to do it immediately.

Just sometime back, i was wondering to myself why is Warren Buffett so determined to enrol himself into Columbia University to learn directly from Benjamin Graham (The Father of Value Investing) ? It was recorded that by the time Warren attended the class taught by Benjamin Graham  and David Dodd, he was even more well versed in the methods than the authors. He could recite the book and memorize them by heart. So why did he want to learn from them?

In my opinion, I could imagine Warren Buffett being amazed after he read the book and as he explored with the methods. He could get the strategies and even the thinking behind the book, but what a book can not do is to display the entirety of the authors’ mindset. We can read a book about fitness, but it is more likely we will get into shape when we change the way we look at exercising and food. The fastest way? Surround yourself with people who are already like that.

So do come and join us as you get to witness how our group invest and compound our wealth. Lets create passive income through proper investment together.

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To your dreams,

Mind Kinesis Research Team

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