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We just had our 35th Monthly Passive Income Gathering on 22nd Oct 2012 (Mon). Our gathering is ALWAYS FULL HOUSE with close to 100 of our past graduates coming back to to generate PASSIVE INCOME. So what do we do during our Gathering:

1) FREE REVISION – Our graduates get to revise through what we have taught during our 4-Days Value Investing Programme (VIP) for absolutely FREE. Yes, absolutely FREE. It even comes with coffee and tea. That’s how passionate we are in making sure that every single of our graduates benefit as much as possible.



2) DISCLOSURE – We disclose what we do invest in and we don’t just teach. We WALK-THE-TALK.


3) LIVE EXECUTION OF TRADE – We execute the trade LIVE in front of the class and show how much passive income we are getting. No company will do this but we will. Check out our Return-of-Investment (ROI) in less than 15 minutes! They are in CASH!!!

4) **FRIENDSHIP – This is the most difficult to put into words. We have very close friendship with our participants. They are not just participants but they are like friends to us. We care for their well-being and their financial future.


NOW, let me share with you ANOTHER of our participants who is now FINANCIALLY FREE in about 1 year. YES, FINANCIALLY FREE in about 1 year. This person appeared during this gathering and he shared in DETAIL how much he invested, what stocks he invested, at what point of time, his returns and eventually his total Return-of-Investment (ROI).

Just let me show you some photos taken when he was sharing:


1) Question: What makes you decide to join the Mind Kinesis Value Investing Programme (VIP)?

Mr Yeo: I joined the VIP (Value Investing Programme), the main reason is the stress-free investment. 

2) How is this programme different from any other programme that you know?

Mr Yeo: The VIP programme is completely different from the other programmes I have attended. All the other programmes that I have attended are Technical Analysis Trading. It involves high risk, and a lot of attention when you trade. I found that it is very stressful for me. In addition, to achieve consistent income by the trading required skill, I need to put in a lot of hours in trading before you can breakeven not even talking about making money.

3) How was your return-of-investment (ROI) after attending the VIP & CFOs (Cash Flow Options Strategy) in terms of percentage return and absolute amount?

Mr Yeo: The ROI of the VIP n CFOs is quite consistent, it is about 20%+, and I have achieved a 5 figure income (in US Dollars) after attending the CFOs and VIP.

4) How has the programme helped you.

Mr Yeo: With this 5 figure income, the programme has helped me to achieve my FINANCIAL FREEDOM now!

Come join us for a free workshop to learn and how you can BE FINANCIALLY FREE!

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