INVESTMENT 101 – Do Singaporeans Invest enough?

I would like to share a Singapore Financial Literacy Study done by MAS in 2005.

One of the segment that touched me was when it was found out that 67% of Singapore (based on the studies), does not invest.

Below are the reasons given by the respondents who do not invest. I would really encourage you to see if you have any of these reasons.


]If you are also one of the 67%, i have good news and bad news for you.

Lets start with the good news. The good news is that you are in the Majority and that is comfortable to know that you are not alone, isn’t it?

Now, for the bad news. It all starts from this interesting creature called, “Inflation”. This means that every single year, you have to pay for for the same kind of products and service you are getting. And for your info, Inflation rate, last heard is 5.5%.

This means that if you do not have the ability to grow your earning powers buy at least 5.5% every single year, chances are you will not be able to keep your current lifestyle very soon.

Also, if you do not have the ability to grow your savings at at least 5.5% every year, you are getting poorer and poorer.

If you are a single, this news is bad, but if you are having a family or planning to have one… I need you to take a look at the table above again to see if you are holding onto any reason why you are not investing enough?

Your house, transport and children’s education are going to be more expensive. Isn’t it a responsible action to learn how too invest so that you can finance your family’s life?

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