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Within this week, we have received numerous great news that our participants have become financially independent. Of all of them, Sylvia (Hien Sylvia Nguyen) gained a Passive Income of US$8,900.0 within a month (Oct 2013) using only 15 minutes. Another person called Nguen Tien Son generated a total of US$10,600.0 also within the month of Oct 2013.

Another graduate, Glen Tiew, achieved 110% return from his initial capital, which is 2.1 times his investment.

Another of our graduate, Monaliza Mohamed Amid, made a Return of 20% within 3 months. She got back whatever she has invested in Value Investing Programme (VIP) and the training technically was FREE.

Most of them started off not knowing HOW to INVEST and was concern whether is investment risky. Just to let you know that we have been featured in Channel News Asia TV where we debunk all the myths about investing. Some of the Common Myths include:

1) Investing is risky – In order to have high returns, you will need to take high risk

2) Investing needs lots of money

3) Investing requires Daily Monitoring

4) Investing requires sophisticated financial knowledge

5) Investing is about making lots of money in a short period of time

Watch the VIDEO HERE: 

So what is Value Investing and HOW does it help you to become FINANCIALLY FREE?

Watch the video below by Professor Bruce Greenwald, one of the MOST RESPECTED GURU in VALUE INVESTING:

Join us for a FUN and INSPIRING FREE Workshop on how you can INVEST SAFELY and GENERATE CONSISTENT RETURNS using a 93-year-old proven methodology called Value Investing.

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