Planning for Success

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Planning for success starts with us, the individual, and every successful person plans – and so can you! Start small and the immediate results will enthuse you to plan more. Soon, planning will become a habit. Start with the easily reversible plans – that’s starting small. You make decisions every day, these eat up your time and soon fatigue sets in. Beyond a threshold, subsequent decisions become sub-optimal and your …

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Your Ultimate List Of Financial Statement Definitions Part 1 of 2

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Financial Statements Consists of Balance Sheet -What a company owns, what it owes & what is left over Income Statement -Sales and Expenses, Profit or Loss Cash flow Statement -Sources, uses and balance of Cash Fundamentals   1.Earnings Per Share (EPS) Definition Earnings Per Share (EPS) is the amount of earnings per outstanding share of the companys stock. In calculating earnings per share, the dividends of preferred stocks need to subtracted …

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Can Value Investing Really Work in Singapore?


There’s a whole host of evidence that value investing – buying a basket of shares at low valuation ratios – does work over in the USA. For example, there are studies done by investors like David Dreman, detailed in his book Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Psychological Edge, which shows that American shares with the lowest price-earnings ratios do outperform the market. Then, there’s also studies done by academics like the …

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Price is what you Pay, Value is what You Get!

I bought my house at about $320,000 about 4 years ago. It was a beautiful house with good location. $320,000 is the price i paid, the Value i get is a nice place to stay. Currently, the house is priced at about half a million. People are now willing to pay $500k for the house, but the value has not change. The size of the house has not gone bigger, …

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