Investing in Bonds and Losing $250,000. Is It Safe?

SUMMARY What is a Bond? Different Types of Bonds & How They Work The Risks involved How to Evaluate any Bond 1) Introduction An article in Bloomberg published on 20th Sep 2016 (written by  Chanyaporn Chajaroen) reads “When Elaine Tham signed an “accredited investor” form with her bank in Singapore two years ago, she took a fateful step toward losing all the money she had set aside for her children’s …

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Singapore Savings Bonds: Should Be Buy It?

New Kid on the Block – The Singapore Savings Bond The Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) was recently introduced by the Singapore Government and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The key features of the Singapore Savings Bond includes Principal guaranteed by the Singapore Government (top AAA credit rating with key rating agencies such as S&P) Interest rate linked to the 10 Year Singapore Government Securities (SGS) No lock in period …

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